Sanitary towels


Sanitary towels are more powerful than you’d think.

Without them, girls across rural Africa are forced to miss lessons every month. They can face discrimination, fall behind in school, and eventually drop out.

Your gift could help provide 30 packets of disposable sanitary towels for girls in urgent need - so they don’t have to miss school each month just because they are on their period.

How it works

Each alternative gift includes a beautiful postcard recognising the contribution made in the recipient's name. It describes how the gift will support education in the communities we work with.

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  • If you'd like your gift sent directly to a friend: add a personal message in the box below (to be handwritten on your behalf), then tell us their address on the next page
  • Or, we can deliver a blank card straight to you, so you can add your own greeting

All of our gifts represent aspects of real long-term projects in rural Africa. As the need for funding and support can change within each community we partner with, your gift will be used wherever it is needed most.